Key: D major
Time: 4/4
Tempo: 66 bpm
Genre: Rock/Pop Ballad
Running Time: 4:24

Musician Note:
One of my initial ballads – when I played the demo for my producer he started thinking power 80s rock ballad – and a video in the roller rink from when we were kids.  He suggested we make it a duet – again for some variety – and after 45 minutes with my daughter Olivia singing in the basement the duet was born!  The feel of the bed track in the studio rocked (all that was missing was the disco ball!).  Andrea Ramollo came to add the female part in the studio and the result was a lovely heart-stirring lament for love lost that still takes me back to days long ago.

Jason Dodge – lead male vocals, piano
Iain Green – drums, percussion adds
Mike Gresko – bass
Bob McAlpine – guitar
Andrea Ramollo – lead female vocals