Key:F major
Time: 4/4
Tempo: 66 bpm
Genre: Pop Piano Ballad
Running Time: 4:58

Musician Note:
Of all my ballads – this was the one that happened after Dave specifically suggested I write a tune for me to sing and play solo on stage.  I think the result surprised us both.  Clearly heavily influenced by my own life circumstances and my deep connection with Adele’s 21 album this tune still leaves me raw when I hear it.  I was strongly tempted to end the album with this song – however decided I didn’t want to leave things this way.  The saxophone solo (played by Marcus the week before his own wedding) added a stirring passion that contrasted the vocals to give the song the soul it needed to feel finished.

Jason Dodge – lead and background vocals, piano
Marcus Ali – saxophone solo

The live performance video of this song from my CD Release Party was awarded two silver medals by BEAT 100 – please check it out!!