Key: E (no 3rd)
Time: 4/4
Tempo: 132 bpm
Genre: Rock/Pop
Running Time: 3:50

Musician Note:
Despite being the preselected name for my album (based on being a complete blackberry addict) this tune was actually written, recorded, and mixed after the rest of the album had already been mastered [was pretty sure my producer was gonna kill me when I suggested it]!  Turns out it really helped balance the album out and made sense to us for it to be the lead track.  Went into the studio with much less formal writing of parts for band who took it to a whole new level.  Can’t wait to share this one on stage!

Jason Dodge – lead and background vocals, percussion adds
Iain Green – drums
Mike Gresko – bass
Bob McAlpine – guitar
David Ward – background vocals
Jason Wilson – synth