July 1, 2014

Jason Dodge signs worldwide distribution deal!!

Jason Dodge signs worldwide distribution deal with Solaris Entertainment

Hey Fans!!!

Amazing news to share with you.

Jason Dodge has just signed a deal with Michael Bloom of Solaris Entertainment, Las Vegas, NV to distribute his music across the planet.
“This is huge – I now will get exposure for my music in many new and exciting places – and I am totally ecstatic that I will get this kind of exposure for my music. It’s a dream come true!!”, says Jason.

Michael Bloom specializes in iTunes marketing – as a result Jason Dodge is going to be on the front page of iTunes so he will have a colossal amount of traffic there – in addition to having opportunities in a number of internet radio stations and other on-line music services.

Look for changes soon on-line for Jason’s debut album “Life Between Pings” in addition to the planned release of his new album “Always” this fall.

Jason summed up his glee simply – “I’m looking forward to sharing with EVERYONE soon”.

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