Key: C major
Time: 4/4
Tempo: 64 bpm
Genre: Pop Ballad
Running Time: 3:15

Musician Note:
One of my favourite piano ballads – inspired by one of my patients dying of cancer.  I dragged in my digital piano and played the song for Kate on the palliative care floor at my hospital (didn’t have lyrics at the time) and all in attendance were in tears together – a truly transformative experience.  She encouraged me to fully pursue my music – and even hired me for my first real gig (her memorial service at the AGO).  After she died I forced myself to sit and out came lyrics that reflected not only my own relationship with Kate, but also that of her husband John with whom I became close friends.  Layered on the original piano track were some John Mayer-like guitar licks, organ countermelodies, and background vocals by Stacey (in place of previously considered gospel choir largely for logistic reasons) that seemed a fitting peaceful tribute to Kate’s impact on the world.

Jason Dodge – lead vocals, piano
Iain Green – drums, percussion adds
Mike Gresko – bass
Bob McAlpine – guitar
Stacey Tennen – background vocals
Jason Wilson – organ