Key: C major
Time: 4/4
Tempo: 132 bpm
Genre: Jazz/Pop
Running Time: 3:10

Musician Note:
One evening this song came along out of nowhere while playing around in my basement – my first fast song!  Whole thing took less than 9 hours to write (all parts) including lyrics and vocals!  I called Dave over to listen the next day and he almost fell out of his chair he was so excited that it wasn’t another ballad!!  He got on the phone right away and had horns and an amazing organ player lined up in no time.  Really gave me a chance to let go and have fun with music like never before!  Once we added the backup singers this song was a shoe-in for crowd-pleasing favourite!

Brownman Ali – trumpet
Marcus Ali – saxophone
Nathan Dell-Vandenburg – trombone
Jason Dodge – lead vocals, piano
Iain Green – drums
Mike Gresko – bass
Bob McAlpine – guitar
Stacey Tennen – background vocals
Jason Wilson – organ