March 23, 2013

Catch Jason Dodge on Radio Humber

This week saw the debut of Jason Dodge on FM radio at Radio Humber at 96.9 FM.

Jason was featured on the show “Unsigned” – which highlights local indie artists and brings them exposure to listeners of the college radio station.  Interviewed  by Monica Mehmi – a college student at Humber – Jason shared his music and personal stories with the radio audience in a candid and intimate way that brought keen insight to listeners.  The station played over half of the songs from the album during the feature giving the audience a fair preview of his recently released debut album “Life Between Pings”.

The show will be broadcast again Monday March 25th at 10pm and can be heard on the radio or on-line at

Be sure to check it out if you missed the original airing – or check out the interview with Monica by following this link: JD on Unsigned on Humber Radio 96.9 FM

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